TEKNA® ProLite Pressure Feed


Advanced Atomization Technology

  •  High transfer efficiency for increased material savings

  • Includes two air caps which provide exceptional fluid flow, high productivity, and versatility

  • Uniform spray pattern yields optimum metallic control


QuickClean™ Technology

  • Spray Gun Coating has non-stick properties for fast and easy clean up

  • The spray gun is fully coated inside and out for high corrosion resistance and protection

  • Scratch resistant coating keeps your gun looking newer for a longer period of time

TEKNA® Copper Premium Spray Guns

The Perfect Finish

Find Yours with the TEKNA® Copper Gravity Feed Basecoat/Clearcoat Spray Gun, by DeVilbiss®


  • Slicker clears, superior metallic control, better blends

  • Even material distribution for fewer coats, increased productivity

  • High transfer efficiency – saves materials, saves money

  • Digital gauge for accuracy and repeatability

  • Waterborne compatible


  • 4 models to choose from:

  • Cupped or uncupped, with your choice of 1.2/1.3mm or 1.3/1.4mm needle/nozzle sets

  • Waterborne basecoats—All Climates

  • Solvent basecoats—All brands

  • Clearcoats—High, Medium, and Low Solids

All 4 Models Include:

  • TEKNA® Copper Basecoat/Clearcoat Spray Gun

  • 7E7 High Efficiency Air Cap

  • Digital Gauge w/ Air Adjusting Valve (HAV-555)

  • Gun Wrench

  • Color ID rings

    CT PLUS™ 5-Stage Filter System

    Worry free air filtration for top quality paint jobs

    • First stage filter removes oil, water and dirt down to 40 microns

    • Second stage coalescer removes oil vapors and dirt particles down to .01 microns

    • CT30 desiccant tank repeats dirt and oil aerosol removal and removes humidity

    • 30 CFM capacity at 100 PSI

    Easy and economical maintenance

    •  Longer desiccant life

    • Air inlet valve shuts off CT Plus™ air without having to shut off shop air

    • No tools needed to change first and second stage filters

    • Easy change-out desiccant cartridge bag


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